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Spitch team meets in Zurich, further innovation and disruption ahead

30 November 2023

Spitch team meets in Zurich, further innovation and disruption ahead

spitch news Annual Spitch's meeting.jpgThis year, the annual Spitch team meeting took place in Zurich on 21 November, bringing together staff-members from the HQ and all the company’s country offices. Exciting new developments in the field of conversational AI, harnessing opportunities offered by LLMs, product updates and development of new speech technologies, among others, were in the focus of the team’s brainstorming effort.


The customer and partner success teams shared their success stories, with all the projects up and running effectively. Customers are supported by efficient knowledge transfer and cooperation from the dedicated Spitch teams at all times. Similarly, Spitch partner support team has widened partner training and certification of specialists, organized partner access to the solution sandbox on Omni, and regularly provided other types of requisite assistance.


Alexey Popov, CEO of Spitch, emphasized that the company is a great place “to learn and to grow for the disrupters”. Spitch has grown rapidly with over 70 employees in total, agile and motivated core tech development team, as well as strong regional teams in the country offices demonstrating sustained progress. People are the key asset of Spitch, and the remarkable team spirit of fostering innovation, success and mutual support remains one the main drivers for the company’s continued growth.


It was noted that flexible work hours and flexibility in work location help team-members experience new perspectives, exchange expertise between different offices, and discover new regions of the all over the globe, learning new languages and new cultures. Spitch offers flexibility and a fast pace of career growth – horizontally (between industries and regions, enriching their experience) and vertically.


Spitch global team meeting proved helpful for charting the course forward, team building, and exchanging lessons learned, allowing to discuss opportunities and risks of the current situation, and planning further business development.


Contact us to learn more about the results of and issues discussed at the Spitch annual team meeting in Zurich, as well as about Spitch conversational AI products and solutions.