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Spitch training programs: sharing disruptive innovation and empowering partners worldwide

14 December 2023

Spitch training programs: sharing disruptive innovation and empowering partners worldwide

spitch news Photos from Partner Presales Training.jpgSpitch's innovative technology and training programs are equipping partners around the world with advanced conversational AI skills, enhancing their ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions to customers. More specifically, our training sessions offer a deep dive into boosting product knowledge and getting an in-depth understanding how the specific products and tools could be used to implement innovative solutions. In addition, Spitch has recently launched specific partner support teams, a partners portal with useful resources, and certifications program.

At Spitch, we believe in fostering a culture of collaborative excellence, with a strong commitment to empowering partners worldwide. How is this achieved? By assessing partners’ needs, developing well-tailored training modules emphasizing peer-to-peer hands-on knowledge transfer and relying on interactive exercises with specific solutions and products.

What’s more, Spitch trainings are not about lecturing. Our partners from UMB, NTT DATA, Adnovum, Swisscom, CANCOM and independent consultants from Switzerland and Austria recently learned how to create their own voice bot with Spitch technology, and built one during the training session. A live demo by Josef Novak, Chief Innovation Officer at Spitch, on using LLM within Spitch products was also shown during that training, showcasing Spitch’s leadership in safe integration of LLMs with no risk to customer data.

Spitch training participants from the constantly growing network of partners benefit from being equipped with advanced skills, ready to forge new paths in AI innovation using Spitch solutions. Spitch experts, such as Alexander Fischer, Director Customer Experience and Digitalization at Spitch, focus on helping partners resolve typical issues faced during implementations and deliver business value to customers with innovative conversational AI tools at hand.

Contact us now to learn more about the training programs and how your business can benefit from it.