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Our team of AI-driven virtual assistants helps contact centres to handle a considerably larger number of tasks in automating voice and text communications in any channel more effectively. The Virtual Team also helps improve staff efficiency and satisfaction, pursuing their professional growth.

Intelligent virtual assistant (VA) that performs the functions of call centre agents, personal advisors and sales managers for contact centres in many industries



Luka talks to your customers like a human communication expert thanks to high-precision Intent Recognition (IR) covering both meaning and sentiment. Luka is a voice bot and text chatbot all-in-one system that communicates over the phone, chat, messengers, social networks, etc. – equally well and remembers all the previous customer communication history. It is easy to adjust dialogue flows for Luka by using Dialog Composer (DC) as well as add a Voice Biometric (VB) capability for customer identification and continuous identity verification. Luka understands dialects, colloquialisms and different professional jargons with bespoke tuning to your business environment. Report Builder (RB) and Lingware Suite (LS) instruments provide for easy dialogue optimization and continued learning on real-life customer dialogues. Thanks to Speech Transcription (ST), Luka automatically creates transcripts of conversations for the CRM, analytics and other systems.

Luka's task is to free up time of human agents for creative value-adding work by automating the handling of other day-to-day tasks
  • Answer calls professionally after the first ring-tone and route to the right team/agent, if required
  • Manage spontaneous dialogues towards quick and effective resolution based on high-precision intent recognition
  • Automatically handle standard queries
  • Deliver new product information and make personalized offers
  • Assist in managing customer accounts, CRM updating and protocolling
  • Make automated outbound calls e.g. soft collections, policy renewals etc.
Impressive call processing capacity

Luka can work 24/7/365 in 5000-10000 channels with an intensity of 200-300 calls per second. Processing countless conversations and massive amounts of speech data, Luka’s AI-driven core becomes more efficient over time, as assisted learning takes place.

Luka can be deployed in cloud and on-premise

Alina’s skills are based on real-time and off-line Speech Analytics (SA) with semantic interpretation and sentiment analysis that help understand meaning and emotional response for a wide range of applications.



Alina helps oversee the work of call centre agents, performs NPS and customer satisfaction measurement, and serves as a quality assurance expert, analysing 100% of the voice and text conversations, including email and messenger chats, and providing feedback to agents. Furthermore, Alina automates regulatory compliance and checks adherence to scripts as well as internal regulations. Alina can work with the audio archives and perform continuous real-time monitoring of live conversations in order to get an in-depth understanding of customers’ behaviour using high-precision Intent Recognition (IR) to improve the effectiveness of sales campaigns. Alina uses Speech Transcription (ST) and Protocol Builder (PB) to optimize protocolling templates and scripts based on industry and customer-specific vocabularies. Report Builder (RB) with a convenient dashboard is utilized to easily produce reports on productivity and quality performance. Thanks to Lingware Suite (LS), Alina can easily be trained to meet the specific needs of your business.

Alina's strengths include precise natural language understanding, real-time speech and sentiment analytics, and convenient content management tools/dashboard.
  • Continuous real-time monitoring of communications, adherence to internal, national and international standards and regulatory compliance (including MiFID II and GDPR)
  • Provision of customer engagement prompts and suggestions, evidence-based feedback to agents, including improvement advice, etc.
  • Constant measurement of customer satisfaction, including emotional response and defined NPS criteria
  • Serving as a quality assurance expert, analyzing virtually all the conversations, either in real time or retrospectively
Easy and cost-effective training and domain adaptation

Alina can be easily trained to meet specific needs thanks to our Development Tools for clients and partners. Spitch Development Tools allow internal IT teams to create a truly bespoke solution at minimal cost

Alina can be deployed in cloud and on-premise
Alina is a valuable addition to your team

David recognizes the caller and verifies the customer’s identity in a few seconds using Voice Biometrics (VB) for spontaneous speech. No more passwords that you have to remember or codewords that can be overheard.


Virtual Security

David is responsible for comprehensive transactional and communications security, confidentiality, personal data privacy protection and data redaction based on Voice Biometrics (VB) for spontaneous speech. He performs fraud prevention powered by automatic caller identification and continuous speaker identity verification throughout the entire conversation by measuring the probability level that the live voice indeed belongs to the person whose name was given by the caller. David is also using the Speech Transcription (ST) and Report Builder (RB) components to generate protocols and reports in order to keep human colleagues informed about the communications security situation at all times.

Comprehensive communications security, fraud prevention, authentications, etc. are handled by David in 24/7/365 mode
  • Automatic caller identification and customer identity verification by continuous voice biometrics for spontaneous speech (text-independent, passive and hybrid modes)
  • Enhanced security combined with customer experience improvement thanks to the removal of emotional barriers associated with traditional security questions
  • Fraud attempts detection and prevention through a combination of innovative methods
  • Transactional security, confidentiality and personal data privacy protection, as well as data redaction (e.g. for PCI DSS compliance)
Seamless conversational
platform-based approach

A virtual team combining diverse AI-driven functions, putting security first

David can be deployed in cloud and on-premise
Rely on David to protect your customers
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Spitch “naturally speaking” AI-driven robots with omnichannel capabilities:
Smartly and fully automatically solve routine tasks via personalised self-services with the use of voice biometrics
Support human contact centre staff in handling comprehensive tasks with the help of real time speech analytics — taking care of the routine and freeing up human creative potential