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For Call Centres

Spitch solutions are built around your data and the words of your customers. The neural networks technology enables us to detect individual pronunciations, dialects and the intricate phonemes that differentiate words. We build bespoke language models for our clients using huge collections of text that are relevant to the client’s business. This means that during a customer conversation, spoken key words can be quickly detected, whilst the semantic speech recognition technology will recognise what is meant, not just which words were used. Our technology will help you decrease operational costs through decreased handling time, by unlocking FCR and automation rate improvement potential.

Thanks to a high degree of personalisation of our products, your clients will spend less time in the intellectual IVR based on our voice technologies compared to traditional IVRs with exactly the same menu. Call centres with more complex IVR structures will benefit most as our technology eliminates the IVR menu complexity issue as such. Our technology is providing a high accuracy of semantic interpretation thus enabling higher FCR rates. Being able to support live dialogue with the caller, it underpins fully automated services that create a reliable, swift and safe process for customers. Our speech solutions work in real time and extract real meaning from conversations. This enables the immediate use of extracted information as well as the timely and effective response, improving overall customer experience. We focus on the technology so you can focus on providing the best to your customers.

For Private Banking

Private banking can rely on voice technologies in order to make communications with customers more secure and efficient. With the help of our speaker verification solution, personal advisers will have a biometric proof of the caller’s identity throughout the course of a phone conversation, avoiding Q&As based security procedures. Our speech analytics solutions will help client advisors extract and utilise important information from the conversation automatically, thus improving callers' satisfaction with the service and overall interaction efficiency. Natural language interaction analytics and speaker verification can be used in any front-end application, including mobile banking, to improve user experience and make it more secure and personalised. Voice biometrics in combination with conversation recording can legally be regarded as an electronic signature, which helps avoid multiple authentication procedures for transactions as well as signing paper documents, unless absolutely necessary.

For Retail Banks

Call centres are an integral part of retail banking, and our technology provides the opportunity for essential cost saving by significantly reducing average call handling times. There are more benefits, however. Most of the scenarios for client interactions with banks require client identification and verification. Most clients find this process lengthy and unpleasant. Our speaker verification solution makes it possible to automate and speed up client verification at any stage of a conversation and largely eliminates the need to answer secret questions or provide other sensitive personal details over the phone. Moreover, speaker verification can be embedded in any front-end application, including those for online and mobile banking, as well as transaction support platforms where it can improve the user experience while at the same time making it more secure. Voice biometrics in combination with conversation recording can also be regarded as an electronic signature, which can often help avoid multiple authentication procedures for transactions as well as signing paper documents.

For Automotive Industry

Spitch provides new generation of voice user interface (VUI) solution for the driver-to-car interaction. Activated by a key phrase, Spitch SignyFI recognises and extracts the meaning of phrases and words from the drivers’ free speech by means of semantic analysis. This provides a real natural language interface for communicating with a car. Speaker verification and identification tools may be used for improving security and adjusting personal settings when the driver gets into the car. Non-verbal features extracted from the driver’s speech allow providing a high level of personalization of various search queries, e.g. locations for the navigation system or music tracks. Sentiment analysis improves driving safety by predicting whether the driver is getting tired or drowsy. We use deep neural networks (DNN) to build noise-robust acoustic models for each type of a car body and even for particular models. Our semantic interpretation solution based on recent computer science advances delivers high accuracy, while continuous learning improves performance even further.

For Insurance Companies

Most insurance-related transactions, including claims, go through a call centre. Tens of thousands of agents waste thousands of hours asking repetitive questions which don’t help get to the root of customer problems. Spitch solutions can help. We build bespoke spoken language systems for insurance companies using domain-adapted resources tuned to the business needs of each client. Our intelligent form-filling solution, which is based on a combination of accurate speech-to-text and semantic inference can help to speed up all standard application procedures. Our call centre solution understands complex conversational requests and steers customer calls to the appropriate agent or even responds to customer requests directly. For calls which require authentication or verification, our text independent speaker verification solution runs passively in the background helping to increase the level of safety and customer satisfaction. Our technology will help insurance companies decrease operational costs and at the same time increase the loyalty of their customers by reducing problem resolution times, average call handling times, and by increasing accurate automation of repetitive procedures.

For government and local authorities

Speech analytics solutions have proven their effectiveness in government offices and agencies of many countries. We build custom spoken language systems leveraging topical data suitable for a wide range of situations frequently handled by offices at all levels of government. This means that during a call about utility billing for example, important domain-specific information like carriers, addresses and resident names can be quickly and accurately recognized, and our semantic interpretation technology will be able to further utilize this information to automatically pinpoint issues and facilitate their resolution. With the help of our speaker verification solution, government and local authorities get a biometric proof of the caller’s identity throughout the course of a phone conversation, improving their security and not wasting time on Q&As based security procedures. Our technology will help state and municipal offices decrease operational costs and at the same time increase residence satisfaction and confidence by improving security and reducing issue resolution times. Speech analytics solutions have been successfully deployed by the New Zealand Internal Revenue Department, the Australian Taxation Office, and the South Africa Social Security Agency just to name a few. Spitch is ready to help you take the next step towards improving resident experiences in your state and municipal offices.

For Medical Business

We build bespoke language models for our clients in the medical services industry. Our speech recognition solution helps improve document automation in clinics. It can be integrated into the hospital and clinic systems to enable voice-driven medical report generation or voice-driven form filling for medical procedures, patient identity verification etc. These applications help speed up examination processes and free up valuable time wasted on manual form filling.

For Media Monitoring Business

Our speech recognition solution makes it possible to set up a highly automated process for TV, radio, social networks videos, and other speech-based content conversion into fully searchable text. This approach considerably improves the quality of analytics and reduces costs of doing it manually. Full text-indexing of audio-visual content in real time is a break-through technology, which allows adding this content effectively to the personalised news monitoring and analytical feeds for a variety of clients.

For Partners

We work with cloud contact centres, software and service providers to create the right solution for each their customer in accordance with its needs. We provide the back-end solutions, which are responsible for the speech analytics applying unique mathematical models. This backend could be integrated to any partner solution - CMS (Call Management System), CRS (Call Recorder System), QMS (Quality Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), etc. We support all modern industry standards of machines interaction, including MRCP and REST, that makes integration easy. We provide mobile application developers with speech mobile SDK which supports all features of audio signal processing so they will not bother this. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer you tailored solutions – and we are ready to make a proof of concept based on our products. We follow a flexible pricing model and are ready to share business risks and benefits. We do not stick to fixed licences and service costs, but explore different revenue sharing models guided by our partner´s needs. We believe our approach drives innovation and contributes to a better value proposition to the customer by our partners.


We are constantly expanding a range of possible applications of voice technologies by working with our partners and clients, and incorporating their emerging needs and requirements in our product development cycle.