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Voice Banking

Give your customers automated access to all their account information, simply and conveniently by phone, 24x7 from any location. Boost CX and lower your operating costs at the same time.

The Offer

Spitch provides a ready-made (out of the box) voice banking solution, at a fixed package price, including installation and operation.

Features of the Voice Banking Solution

Security and Authentication:

The Spitch Voice Banking solution can authenticate the bank’s customers according to various criteria, verifying this with the back-end system. If integration into an existing mobile banking app is required, then authentication is executed by the app. Where voice biometrics is already implemented, then it can be utilized.


In the natural language dialogue between the caller and the system, many variations are allowed. For example, the caller can request multiple actions such as ‘block a card’ and then ask for the balance on an account. These are all customizable according to that bank’s requirements of the service.

Supported languages:

As well as UK and US English, we support German, Swiss German (all dialects), French and Italian.


Information relayed back to the caller can be shown on the device or read out by voice if over a telephone and alternatively or as well as, via text for example SMS, email or via the chat platform of choice at that particular bank.


During the call, information gathered by the Spitch ‘Neurobot’ is retained so that the conversation flows down in a natural and freeform way, just like human to human conversation.

Starter Packages What’s included

1 — Residual API integration depends on the readiness of the bank's back-end systems.


The Set Up

Once the contract has been signed, then it takes about 3-4 weeks* until the solution is available for pilot operation.

During these 3-4 weeks, typical activities:

  • Two half-day workshops will be run in order to discuss and define the the bank’s specific requirements and what adaptations are needed.
  • The bank’s own specific vocabulary will be defined and integrated into the language models which are already available.
  • The process for content delivery (i.e. information on things like opening hours, interest rate etc.) will be specified.
  • For packages 2 and 3, the back end integration interfaces will be defined. Rudimentary standard interfaces already exist for Finnova and Avaloq.
  • The cloud infrastructure will be made available.
The solution will be set up in 1 to 2 week-long agile sprints.
This is valid for Package 1. Package 2 will take 6-8 weeks and Package 3 approx. 8-12 weeks.