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Chat Platform for all kinds of text messages

Chat Platform (CP) handles communications with customers in text channels. It is seamlessly integrated with a chatbot allowing smooth transfers from the bot to human agents. The comprehensive platform has a capability to process messages from web chat, chat in mobile apps, messengers and social networks. It is easily integrated with CRM, Knowledge Base, help-desk systems and benefits from being part of Spitch’s wider omnichannel conversational platform.

  • Need to ensure speedy service in text channel for an effective start of the customer journey?
  • Customers prefer communicating in messengers and need quick and precise replies?
  • Do you need full customer communication logs in any text channel, including WhatsApp?
  • Need to make sure your agents have Knowledge Base or best client offer prompts appearing along with the conversation?
  • Trying to acquire and onboard more customers from the web site?
  • Thinking about decreasing the number of calls while increasing your contact center productivity?
  • Need to minimize agent fatigue?


A universal solution to optimize the path leading to purchase and offer effective customer service in text channels.

  • Fast and precise steering of text messages from all the channels to the right customer service and sales specialists based on the highly accurate intent recognition delivered by Spitch NLP and NLU engines.
  • Response templates containing relevant and timely prompts that appear when the agent starts typing in the chat.
  • The Agent Assist feature using AI to find relevant information and/or the best offer for the client in the Knowledge Base based on the customer's intent and life situation and automatically displaying it on the agent's screen.
  • Automatic processing of FAQ and standard queries by the chatbot with a possibility to switch to a human operator in the text or voice channel at any moment by just pressing a button in the chat. Bots and agents can be organized by skill-groups to support specific marketing strategies.
  • Co-browsing capability allows both human agents and chatbots to react to customer needs and interests based on specific web pages currently being viewed to create a shorter path to purchase and boost sales.
  • Proactive marketing and campaign planning for text channels is enabled by constant collection of proactive analytics available in convenient dashboard visualizations and reports that are just one click away.
  • Handling of increasingly popular voice messages in WhatsApp and other messengers.
  • Real-time analytics to monitor workloads for agents and bots including the number of customers being served in active online chats, etc. Speech Analytics dashboard tool helps monitor KPIs.

Key advantages of


Cost saving through offloading text chats from human operators.


Recognizing intents to purchase and steering such messages straight through to sales.


Seamless integration with other conversational platform components and full widget customization.


All the popular text channels are covered including WhatsApp and other messengers as well as webchat integration in any website with simple HTML code.


Offered as a part of a turnkey solution and requires little or no effort on the client side.


Adherence to international standards ensures the highest security of Web Widgets.


Solution is available from the cloud on day one, or through on-premises installation.

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