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Voice Biometrics Voice biometrics for identification, authentication, and fraud prevention

Text-independent and hybrid voice biometrics products from Spitch use live spontaneous speech to identify and authenticate callers in a few seconds and ensure continuous identity verification throughout the conversation. No more passwords that you must remember or codewords that can be overheard.

Need to strengthen protection against fraudsters and identity theft?

Customers must answer many security questions and theу are not happy about it?

Require an additional authentication factor for added security of transactions?

Planning to introduce self-services that require secure authentication?

A voice-enabled mobile app is required?


Key Advantages of Voice Biometrics

1 Voice biometrics from Spitch provides continuous authentication throughout the conversation with a possibility of automatic fraud attempts detection and referral to fraud/ security department.

2 Ready-to-use models and deployment scenarios for different industries ensure the fastest possible implementation. Smooth customer onboarding – in some cases, voiceprints can be enrolled using conversations recordings with subsequent live updating.

3 Spitch VB systems are text-independent for authentication in spontaneous speech (unnoticeable for speakers) but can also work in hybrid mode for very quick authentications with randomly generated passwords to thwart spoofing attacks.

4 Voice biometrics systems can be deployed in the cloud or fully on-premises for additional security.

5 Spitch VB is part of the omnichannel conversational platform based on microservice architecture ensuring seamless integration with Speech Analytics (SA) and Virtual Assistants (VA) for fully automatic customer authentication in self-services.

Key added value of Voice Biometrics

Improve customer experience by removing cumbersome security questions.
Cut costs by reducing average handling time.
Improve security by automating security supervision, reporting, and fraud prevention.
Antonio ZullinoHead of Customer Centre Consumer Credit, Migros Bank

«Spitch's voice biometrics system was integrated into the bank's customer centre infrastructure seamlessly. Identity verification by voice boimetrics meets all the regulatory and legal standards, including active opt-in, accepted by the majority of our customers. This solution really helps improve customer experience while reducing call handling time»