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Spitch presented at the Rotary-Club

28 Januar 2019
Anlass Typ:
Rotary Club
Anlass Typ: Presentation
Ort: Thalwil
Veranstalter: Rotary Club

Spitch presented at the Rotary-Club

Spitch presented at the Rotary-Club

Jürg Schleier, Country Manager Dach at Spitch was invited to the local Rotary Club in Thalwil-Zürich to present on the topic “How to teach Swiss German to a robot?” In his speech, Jürg presented to the participants some fundamentals of the speech recognition technology. He gave examples of Spitch voice solutions and some practical business use cases from Spitch customers.

Jürg noted that natural language processing (NLP) is the future of customer satisfaction. AI-driven NLP technologies include fully automated “speech-to-text” (for protocolling and other cases), voice biometrics (identification of people and verification of identity based on unique voice properties), conversational user interfaces for voice banking and chatbots, semantic interpretation, emotion detection – based on semantics and intonation, detection of toxic audio content in recordings, extraction of keywords, audio communications surveillance, etc.

Jürg also presented to the audience the Spitch approach to using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. He mentioned one interesting example – the SBB mobile preview App. This is one of the most popular mobile apps in Switzerland that has recently been updated with a Spitch voice interface delivering 92% recognition accuracy. More than 20 Swiss and European companies are Spitch’s clients and partners.

If you are interested in this topic and would like to receive the presentation, please send us a request.

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