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Knowledge Base to support Virtual Assistants and Agents for high quality service

Knowledge Base (KB) is a value-adding support tool for knowledge and factual data management that is seamlessly integrated with other conversational platform components and widens opportunities for automation and quality service. KB provides answers to frequently asked questions and multiple on-demand resources, including access to structured and unstructured data for staff and customers in voice and text dialogues. KB supports both bots and agents including in prompt mode.

  • Agents spending valuable call time to access requested information?
  • Customers unhappy about waiting on the line for the information they expect now?
  • Junior agents distracting more experienced colleagues with ‘how to’ questions?
  • Need to cover all the FAQ topics by an automatic and adaptable self-service?
  • Need to automate the processing of internal company information queries on your portal?
  • Your business requires a well-informed bot that can handle both voice and text queries?


«Even the appearance of knowledge base articles with manual search on the agent's desktop reduces AHT by an average of 9%, and with automatic search in Agent Assist mode — much more».

A universal solution to resolve knowledge and factual data management issues in a contact center of any size.

  • Knowledge is automatically delivered to your customers and staff-members at the moment they need it. Just ask a question by voice or text. Seamless connection with the Virtual Assistant is key.
  • Structured and unstructured data search is a function that is always on standby to ensure quick and easy provision of additional data to complement the Knowledge Base articles. If the customer prefers talking to a human, the call is immediately transferred to the contact center agent.
  • Knowledge Base is part of the omnichannel conversational platform and is, therefore, seamlessly integrated with other components by default. Just ask your Spitch team to add any whenever you need them.
  • It is super easy to update Knowledge Base topics with no-code instruments, and anyone in your contact center can do that. If new scripts, rules, compliance and other parameters change — you will be able to react quickly.
  • Calendar function allows storing and activating automated prompts/messages for business and non-business days and holidays.
  • Providing well-informed prompts to agents at the right time helps boost sales and improve customer experience, with human emotional intelligence and specialized knowledge bases combined.

Having trouble filling in the Knowledge Base with relevant data for effective customer service?

Use the Speech Analytics solutuion from Spitch to automatically identify the best content that your agents could provide to your customers.

AI-supported content auto-feeding

A unique feature made possible by a seamless combination of Knowledge Base and Speech Analytics within an omnichannel conversational platform

AI-supported content auto-feeding
Manually select the most relevant answer in each article and correct it if needed
Verified KB Content

Key advantages of


Saves costs and worktime by automating knowledge management 24/7


AI-supported content generation for Knowledge Base from recorded conversations


Seamless integration with other conversational platform components


Voice and text omnichannel Virtual Assistant interface/ part of Agent Assist package


Offered as a part of a turnkey solution and requires little or no effort on the client side

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