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Case studies

Wir listen im Folgenden eine kleine Auswahl der Spitch-Lösungen für verschiedene Branchen, Länder und Geschäftsbereiche als Fallstudien auf. Diese Beispiele können daher als universelle Referenzen für typische Anwendungen vieler unserer Kunden und Partner angesehen werden. Sie könnten auch für zukünftige Kunden eine Rolle spielen, da sich viele nützliche Schlüsse daraus ziehen lassen. Spitch ist in vielen Branchen aktiv und bietet seinen Kunden und Partnern nicht nur technische Lösungen, sondern gleichzeitig auch messbare Geschäftsvorteile.

DSK Bank Improves Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Spitch’s omnichannel Virtual Assistant significantly reduces the duration of customer interactions with the bank and improves both customer and employee satisfaction.

Speech Analytics System for Enercom

The Speech Analytics solution saves considerable work-time and costs by performing automatic compliance checks on 100% of the conversations recorded during telesales


Spitch Virtual Assistant increases customer satisfaction, reduces employee workload and informs when and why customers call

Versicherungskammer improves frontline customer experience

Spitch Virtual Assistant uses natural language understanding delivering high-precision intent recognition for accurate, automatic call steering

Voice-driven Virtual Assistant

Intelligent IVR at AMAG – the largest car dealer in Switzerland – will ask callers for the car VIN, brand and model, cross-check all the information, and route the call to the right agent. It will also display all the car info on the agent’s screen. And this is only the beginning.

Virtual Assistant with a knowledge base to help junior agents

Virtual Assistant automatically handles queries 24х7, saving time for experienced agents answering junior staff questions

Virtual Assistant Complements the Baloise Customer Service Offering

The solution improves customer experience by eliminating waiting time on the line and conducting precise call steering. The Virtual Assistant works seamlessly with Speech Analytics extracting a wealth of data to improve experience even further and open the gateway for automatic self-services in the future.

A multichannel self-service medical exam reservation solution

The solution makes appointments for medical exams automatically in all available text and voice channels. The self-service checks the best time-slots, equipment availability etc., and provides all the necessary logistical and exam-related information to patients freeing up staff time and resources, especially during peak periods.

Contact Centre Robot for the Multifunctional Government Services Centre

The Spitch robot resolves the issue of seasonal peaks, as well as the peaks of calls before and after office hours, by answering calls automatically after the first ring-tone, responding to most standard queries and scheduling appointments. People can access the government services and have their issues addressed 24/7, in their preferred language, and with no delays.

Voice biometric verification

Spitch's voice biometrics solution runs in the background, allowing agents to see the outcome of the identity verification in a few seconds after the start of the call. As a result, the average call processing time is reduced considerably, helping to save costs. The level of customer satisfaction also increases thanks to the removal of emotional barriers.

Swisscard Virtual Assistant for efficient customer service

Spitch Virtual Assistant understands the call reason and routes the call to the next best customer service representative along with a text pop-up containing the summary of the call reason information.

Voice-driven Personal Finance Manager

Spitch added a high-precision voice user interface that allows customers to easily access all the functions in the SGKB’s Personal Finance Manager app, including those hidden at deeper menu levels, such as stats on income and expenditure etc..

Automatic voice-driven document ordering system

The high-precision intent recognition allows the virtual assistant to execute documents ordering automatically during the call. The voice-driven system identifies the caller and verifies the customer’s identify by voice biometrics. The system then guides the customer through the steps and arranges delivery of the requested documentation.

Virtual Assistant for a government contact centre

A virtual assistant can handle the standard requests 24/7 and automatically answer 20–25% of the calls providing great relief to contact centre agents, helping cope with peaks, and improve customer experience

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Recent video interview
Recent video interview