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Customers and Partners

We work with both integration partners and companies to create the perfect solution for each organisation, and tailor it to their particular requirements

Individual Attention & Specific Adjustments
Spitch is focused on meeting partners’ and customers’ needs by offering bespoke customization and adaptation of its solutions. We are continuously enhancing our solutions to fit your and your customer’s expectations
Flexible Pricing
Spitch offers extremely competitive and flexible end-user pricing for standard and premium licenses, as well as SaaS rates. We can also offer revenue sharing models for qualifying projects. Actual rates/share of revenue streams depend on the project’s complexity, scale, and scope of work
Breathing New Life in your Legacy Solutions
Partnership with Spitch will help refresh and transform some of the traditional call centre, conversation recording, analytics and other solutions, increasing sales and upholding reputation by means of integrating cutting-edge speech technologies
Partner Capacity Building and 24/7 Support
Spitch provides comprehensive A to Z 24/7 support as well as dedicated training programmes and certification to partners. A full range of services is available from remote coaching to on-site visits by specialists
  • SES Ivano Zehnder SES Customer Service Manager

    "Simply expanding call centers to meet the challenge of increasing customer expectations seems to be far less cost-effective than using modern conversational AI solutions, which are easily scalable and can handle any workload. Being able to offer high quality customer service 24/7, gives us the opportunity to meet demand, allocate resources efficiently and increase customer satisfaction at the same time"

  • Amag Michael Roesser Head of Parts sales AMAG

    “We expect to see this innovative project increase our efficiency while increasing customer benefits at the same time: while our callers have to wait less, our employees can help them even faster. In addition, we are very interested in gaining experience in the field of voice recognition, as we see many possible use cases in this area in the future.”

  • Versicherungskammer Miriam Ring Head of Department Versicherungskammer

    “Natural speech recognition is still uncharted territory for many callers. This effort was worth it in view of the benefits achieved for customers and customer satisfaction as well as the added value for our company.”

  • Volksbank Melanie Mester Change Manager Volksbank Mittelhessen

    “The complexity of support requests has risen greatly. At the same time, service staff requirements have increased enormously too. With the Spitch solution, we are now able to forward all the calls directly to the respective staff members and enable them to stay up-to-date with their focus topics. As a result of this new procedure, we have a lower training cost and a higher competency of our staff. This improves satisfaction of both customers and employees. This is the perfect interaction between technology and humans.”

  • Enercom Angelo Asciano Customer Operation and Innovation Director

    «Adopting Spitch's Automated Compliance Management System has enabled us to automatically check 100% of all the sales contracts within the next business day, greatly reducing the level of human effort. The machine takes care of repetitive tasks, and we can dedicate the excellence of our human resources to activities of greater value».

  • dsk bank Angel Demendzhiyski Director Contact Center Retail Banking Division DSK Bank

    «Effectively handling customer queries, the omnichannel Virtual Assistant offers a great relief to the employees allowing them to concentrate on more complex customer concerns delivering an even higher quality of service».

  • St.Galler Kantonalbank Falk Kohlmann Head of digital banking

    «Voice-driven functions offer an easy access to banking services and could become an interesting interface for our customers. This was the main reason for us to start gaining more experience with the advanced voice technologies.»

  • Swisscard Michael Marek COO

    «Technology enables new ways of customer experience. Technology used in the right context — it’s a game changer.»

  • PostFinance Dominic Spalinger Corporate Venture Capital Manager

    «The Spitch solution is an excellent example of interactions automation with voice technologies that allows keeping up the highest standards of customer service. Making things easier for customers is the key to success.»

  • Baloise Insurance Beate Hofferbert-Junge Member of the Management Operations & IT

    “Spitch’s simple and highly efficient system provides value by helping us to reduce waiting time, offers efficient call routing and above all improves customer experience.”

  • Reale Group Matteo Lo Bue Digital Process Transformation Analyst

    “The solution allows senior staff to fully concentrate on customer service, while providing junior agents with the right information immediately upon request, increasing the overall efficiency.”

  • Migros Bank Antonio Zullino Head of Customer Centre Consumer Credit

    «Spitch’s voice biometrics system was integrated into the bank’s customer centre infrastructure seamlessly. Identity verification by voice biometrics meets all the regulatory and legal standards, including active opt-in, accepted by the majority of our customers. This solution really helps improve customer experience while reducing call handling time.»

  • Kanton Aargau Sandro Fanti Head of Departmental Services and Personnel

    “Through the automatic processing of customer inquiries, the voicebot considerably relieves the employees who can concentrate on more complex customer concerns.”

  • Casa della Salute Omar Lafi CIO of Casa della Salute

    «The AI/NLP-based solution implemented by Spitch and DotVocal helps our first line contact centre staff by handling routine workload and attending customers with no waiting time. This is a move to the right direction as it helps us grow without the need to add and train additional operators.»