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Spitch’s Advisory Board Meeting: Leading the Way with Hybrid Cloud and Generative AI

5 June 2024

Spitch’s Advisory Board Meeting: Leading the Way with Hybrid Cloud and Generative AI

news Spitch’s Advisory _Board Meeting_4-06_EN.jpgZurich, Switzerland – Spitch, the premier Swiss and global provider of conversational AI solutions, held its Advisory Board meeting on May 23, 2024. The results underscored Spitch's commitment to spearheading innovation in contact center technologies through hybrid cloud solutions and generative AI.

Spitch and the Hybrid Cloud

The focus of the discussions at the meeting was on several transformative strategies, linked with the trend towards hybrid cloud environments in contact center solutions. This approach enables Spitch to offer unparalleled support and flexibility to its customers and partners. It also allows enhancing their operational capabilities without compromising security or efficiency.

Generative AI and Voice

The board considered how generative AI, particularly through recently released GPT4o, is setting a new standard for "voice-first" technologies. Spitch team showcased their own Agent Assistant platform which provides best-in-class live voice support for agents. This innovation positions Spitch at the forefront of the industry, offering users more natural and intuitive ways to interact with AI in real-time scenarios.

Develop Once, Deploy Omni

Additionally, the Advisory Board addressed the potential of multi-channel engagement, particularly through text, emphasizing the value of Spitch’s "develop once, deploy omni" approach. It helps leverage Spitch’s robust platform to deliver seamless conversational experiences across various text-based channels, significantly expanding its market reach in Switzerland.


Strategic considerations were also discussed in light of the new EU AI Act, highlighting Spitch’s proactive steps towards ensuring compliance and adaptation. This strategic and platform-centric approach ensures that Spitch remains a leader in technology, governance, and industry standards.

A demonstration of the new capabilities of Spitch solutions helped the Advisory Board to provide helpful insights as far as practical applications and business benefits of these innovations, setting the stage for their accelerated deployment.

Please contact us to learn more about the outcomes of this Advisory Board meeting, and to explore Spitch’s new product updates and strategic plans.