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Virtual Assistantswith omnichannel capabilities

Virtual Assistants replace outdated IVR for first-line voice and text queries processing. From precise intent recognition and call steering to a fully automatic handling of standard customer requests in natural language with freedom to switch between channels without losing context.

Need to ensure calls are answered after the first ring tone and accurately steered based on recognized customer intents?

Planning to automate the processing of FAQs and typical queries to free up agents’ time to deliver high-quality customer service and to boost sales?

Seeking to save costs by reducing average handling time?


Key Advantages of Virtual Assistants

1 Ready-to-use models, Starter Packages, and deployment scenarios for different industries ensure the fastest possible implementation.

2 Easy and quick integration with backend systems / business processes.

3 Set of tools for support, customization and development.

4 Deployment on-premises or in the cloud.

5 Spitch VA is part of the omnichannel conversational platform based on microservice architecture ensuring seamless integration with Speech Analytics (SA) and Voice Biometrics (VB) for fully automatic customer authentication in self-services.

Key values of Virtual Assistants

Customer experience improvement by quicker natural language self-services
Cost saving thanks to reduced average handling time and increased automation
Providing for digital transformation of customer service and support
Serving your staff effectively by automatic self-services