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Spitch and audEERING emotion detection solution increases the satisfaction at both ends of the contact centre’s line

22 March 2017

Spitch and audEERING emotion detection solution increases the satisfaction at both ends of the contact centre’s line

audeering.jpgThe competence and professionalism of the service agent influences customer satisfaction to a large extent. Spitch together with audEERING integrates novel technologies for the automatic detection of emotions in contact centre environments, which can help to dramatically improve the service quality and the customer satisfaction.

In the joint solution Spitch and audEERING optimize the audio analysis methods for service call recordings. The analysis of the emotions of the customer and/or employee can be done in real time during the live conversation and can give the agent instant feedback on the emotions of the customer during the call. Or the emotions of the conversation can get automatically analyzed after the call, in a “batch mode” for training or record-keeping.

"Today all innovative companies are exploring and adopting new ways of customer interaction. Speech-, Voice- and Emotion-Detection are on the forefront of these new ways of doing business. Spitch is the clear leader in Speech- and Voice Recognition and we are very pleased about our cooperation with audEERING, the leader in emotion detection. Together we are offering a seamless integration of Identification (who is calling), Verification (proof of the identity), Recognition (understand what the person is saying) and Emotion-detection (understand the emotions of the caller) – and use all this information to better serve and understand the customer, using the speech- and emotion-data for better analytics and attaining competitive advantages", said Alexey Popov, CEO and founder of Spitch.

"By this trend-setting solution and cooperation between audEERING and Spitch, companies can not only profit from enhanced customer satisfaction due to better training and prevention measures – they also get support in improving psychological stress of call center agents. This generates added value on all areas", adds Univ.-Prof. Dr. Björn Schuller, CEO of audEERING.

About audEERING GmbH

Founded in 2012, audEERING GmbH is a leading company in the field of intelligent audio signal analysis. Their product portfolio includes software solutions for automatic emotions and speech recognition from speech signals, as well as methods for analyzing music signals. AudEERING also offers its customers tailor-made audio analysis methods based on the renowned and award-winning software toolkit "openSMILE". Since 2015, audEERING has been hosting an ERC 2015 Proof-of-Concept Grant for Excellence Science from the European Research Council (European Union) in the field of highly developed audio signal analysis for emotion and condition detection. The company is located in the technology center Gilching / Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich. AudEERING's customers include DAX companies in the telecommunications and automotive sectors as well as leading market research companies, national and international media companies and service providers. Further information is available at

About Spitch AG

Spitch is an international, Swiss-based provider of solutions based on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Voice Biometrics, Voice User Interfaces (VUI), and natural language voice data analytics. In addition to Switzerland, and the U.K., Spitch is currently active in the German, U.S., French, Italian, and Russian markets. Spitch is the first provider of solutions for Swiss German (Schwiizerdütsch) and its many dialects.


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Improved service quality in call centers due to automatic voice analysis by audEERING