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Spitch Webinars for Partners – Sharing Practical Insights and Lessons Learned

15 October 2019

Spitch Webinars for Partners – Sharing Practical Insights and Lessons Learned

news_2.jpgThe Spitch Team is launching a series of informative webinars drawing from the experience in implementing AI-driven conversational platforms and covering Conversational IVR, Voice Biometrics, Speech Analytics, Virtual Assistants and more.

The webinars will be of practical value to Spitch partners whose business includes providing speech-based solutions to their customers and who believe it is important to demonstrate visible business benefits from the start. The webinars will examine the tools for development and customization of speech solutions, a range of use cases across several industries, and the tangible cost saving they bring.

Conversational solutions are increasingly in demand with the market growing at 51% CAGR. The number of providers also grows explosively, and competition is high. However, the vast majority of solutions being offered are hard to evaluate in terms of practical effectiveness – do they match the needs of clients in specific use cases and circumstances? Besides, some solutions require complex integrations and are hard to deploy or modify to adapt them to evolving tasks.

The Spitch Team will address these and other issues during the webinars, sharing its experience and insights of value to those who are currently planning to deploy voice solutions and are willing to learn:

  • How a set of unique tools can help bring to your customers voice-to-voice conversational solutions that are tailored to specific needs in a quick and simple way;
  • How to bring to your clients a comprehensive set of ready-to-use solutions that have already proven effective with industry leaders, both major companies and SMEs;
  • What are the critical lessons from specific industry use cases and implementations?

The first webinar will be held on 22 October 2019 at 11am Zurich/Milan time. The second one – on 5 November 2019 at the same time, and the third webinar will take place on 19 November 2019 also at the same time.

The webinars will be held in English. The expected duration of each webinar is 1 hour. Participation is free.

If you’d like to attend please read the detailed agenda and register for the appropriate webinars here or alternatively, provide us with your details: full name, position, company and email address via and we will complete the registration for you.