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Spitch's AI Solution Helps Enercom Verify Compliance on Distance Contracts

4 October 2022

Spitch's AI Solution Helps Enercom Verify Compliance on Distance Contracts

spitch news Enercom EN (1).jpgSpitch, a global one-stop vendor for conversational AI solutions, was chosen by Enercom Luce e Gas for the implementation of a speech analytics system with an automatic compliance monitoring functionality in telesales, allowing the utility company to optimize workloads and costs by minimizing the time spent on checking the quality of calls.

In energy services, sales calls are an integral part of daily operations, and their registration constitutes a legally valid contractual document. However, it must be checked each time to ensure compliance, requiring a high level of commitment on the part of the Quality Control department staff and generating significant costs.

Enercom Luce e Gas, a sales company of the Enercom Group and a supplier that has been operating for more than 70 years providing services to over 160,000 companies and families in Northern Italy, has decided to tackle this issue by implementing a fully automated compliance verification system powered by the Speech Analytics solution offered by Spitch.

Thanks to AI capabilities, the tool automatically checks the adherence of each call to the corresponding script and highlights the dissimilar fragments, allowing quality control staff to listen only to the potentially problematic parts of the recorded conversations.

“Adopting Spitch's Automated Compliance Management System has enabled us to automatically check 100% of all the sales contracts within the next business day, greatly reducing the level of human effort. The machine takes care of repetitive tasks, and we can dedicate the excellence of our human resources to activities of greater value”, says Angelo Asciano, Customer Operation and Innovation Director of Enercom Luce e Gas.

The efficiency delivered by Spitch's solution is also visible in terms of reducing risks: all verbal orders are automatically verified by the speech analytics system before quality control, greatly reducing the possibility of human errors.

“In cases like that of Enercom, the ROI is easily measurable: less staff is involved, and the level of effort is much smaller, leading to a substantial reduction in costs. An easy-to-use dashboard makes compliance monitoring easy, but above all – the human quality control staff is considerably relieved of repetitive tasks, which helps reduce the number of errors", comments Piergiorgio Vittori, Director of Spitch Italy and VP International Business Development at Spitch AG. 

More information about this and many other projects is available via this link.