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Spitch empowers businesses with cutting-edge conversational AI platform upgrades

25 May 2023

Spitch empowers businesses with cutting-edge conversational AI platform upgrades

Corporate news 2.jpgSpitch, a leading Swiss one-stop conversational AI platform vendor with a global outreach, revamps its product line including core NLU improvements, enhancements to Speech Analytics, Voice Biometrics and Virtual Assistants. Further exciting product updates and completely new developments are planned for FY 2023/24, building on FY 2022/23 results. The company continuously invest in upgrading the platform for its customer and partners. Data security remains a critical priority, which is assured by on-premises installations as well as the use of fully-compliant secure cloud environments, if deemed acceptable by the customer.

Faster Time-to-Market with NLU Suite Updates

The NLU Suite now delivers much faster time-to-market at lower cost thanks to a new few-shot/zero-shot learning implementation, out-of-the-box models for specific verticals, and much easier model training for new customers with accumulated and synthetic data generated by ChatGPT. A unique feature has been added to the NLU Suite allowing quick updates to all similar intents/patterns, ensuring much simpler auto-annotation with a manual follow-up, which now requires 75% less worktime. Another addition is the built-in transcription correction tool and ASR model tuning pipeline to improve the implementation of product-specific scenarios.  

Enhanced Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics Product Convergence

The Speech Analytics Report Builder tool now allows producing out-of-the-box reports covering up to 80% of key business KPIs of any contact center, conducting classification by business targets, etc., including a manual on how to use these features. Customers can also learn to modify report templates using a no-code report builder functions in-built in the tool to produce reports on their specific KPIs without developer involvement. 

Spitch’s Voice Biometrics product’s UI/UX has been updated, with new reporting modalities introduced. Continuous verification process results are represented in an upgraded, easy-to-read graphic and the charts in the reports module have become more flexible and informative.

Speech analytics can now convert mono call records into stereo with improved accuracy of analysis, and voice clustering within Speech Analytics allows searching for interactions with users who have similar voiceprints, displaying the level of match confidence in %, increasing CSAT, and improving security (by detecting suspected fraudster calls). It can also single out a set of potentially problematic users based on complex analytics and thanks to the increased convergence between Speech Analytics and Voice Biometrics products.

A substantial further improvement of these functionalities is scheduled in 2023/24. This will deliver significant cost-saving to customers.

Integrating ChatGPT for Better Context Understanding

In 2023-2024 Spitch will continue to actively integrate ChatGPT into its processes where generative AI and the capability of answering queries with unusual topics add value alongside highly secure and personalized services delivered by Spitch conversational AI solutions. The ultimate goal is creating a specialized client-centric Large Language Model (LLM) for precise context understanding, generating and predicting new content in a way that is tailored to the needs of enterprise clients and their end-customers.

On top of the already effective summarization and diarization functions performed by the Spitch engine, updated LLM will provide greater flexibility for answering calls with topics outside of the scope of pre-defined scenarios, enriching the FAQ service, and organizing automatic Knowledge Base articles creation. Besides, improved dialog clustering, summarization as well as ‘semantic search’ and ‘semantic cloud’ capabilities will be introduced providing for context-sensitive search, utterance similarity comparisons, and other new functions. It will ultimately help achieve greater customer satisfaction, cost reduction through strategic and ethically appropriate automation, as well as increased sales, among other business benefits.

Quality Management Improvements with Speech Analytics

Spitch will continue to focus on Quality Management improvements using the full potential of Speech Analytics such as QM/QA automatic score-cards, QM sampling, as well as manual services augmented with AI for efficient supervisor feedback provision, agent evaluation, and transparent agent motivation based on objective assessments. 

The new product – Agent Assistant Suite – provides a complete AI-powered set of the most important desktop applications and real-time support tools in one unified workspace that contact center agents need to deliver high quality service with no distractions. Agent Assistant Suite dramatically improves Employee Experience (EX) and makes a positive impact on Customer Experience (CX) by making it easier for agents to meet customer needs transforming CX approach from agent-centric to AI-centric. 

Spitch Continues to Innovate

Spitch's commitment to improving its conversational AI platform with advanced features and updates underscores the company's dedication to providing the best possible service to its customers. With faster time-to-market, enhanced Speech Analytics, and integration of ChatGPT, Spitch's platform continues to set the standard for conversational AI. Customers can expect further innovations in the years ahead as Spitch builds on its success and continues to invest in its platform.

Contact us to learn more about Spitch’s ambitious development and update program as well as the new products and solutions. We would also be happy to arrange a live demo to show how the new exciting product features work for you and your team.