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Automation of knowledge work is being increasingly made possible by advances in three areas: computer technology — including computing power and memory capacity, machine learning, and natural user interfaces, such as those facilitated by speech recognition technology

Spitch CodyFi

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Platform. Guarantees highly accurate speech recognition in real time for analytics, QA, and other needs

Spitch SignyFi

Semantic Interpretation Solution. Supports topic discovery, sentiment analysis, and customer behavior analysis

Spitch VeryFi

Voice Biometrics Platform. Supports speaker verification and speaker identification, fraudsters detection, voice signature, and authentication

Spitch Development Tools

Spitch Development Tools provides customers and partners with a complete set of tools to develop their own speech solutions

Spitch SentyFi
Sentiment analysis (cascaded)

Provides with more advanced characteristics of conversations that affect customer satisfaction than the traditional sentiment analysis

Spitch IdentyFi

Spitch identification solution makes it possible to identify a caller comparing the voice with an entire database of voiceprints in real time

FAR | FRR | TIME tailored to needs
Prioritizing security Delivering a very good (minimal) FAR can be achieved by handling higher FRR. Maintaining the highest security level also means more time (< 10 sec.) will be required for the verification process
Balanced FAR and FRR A perfect trade-off between a good (very low) FAR and low FRR will deliver a high security and customer experience levels, with the same or slightly longer duration of the verification process (< 10 sec.)
Time is critical The verification process can be very fast, if time is the most important factor, but it will worsen FAR and FRR performance